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Once upon a seaweed…

09/06/2022 09:16  

6th June 2050. I stand at the front my boat looking at the sun setting off the coast of british Columbia. Propulsed by wind my sailboat links me to the simplicity of nature and allows to have a positive impact on our oceans. We have finally finished the harvest of our seaweed farm. 30 days of intense work. When I started working in seaweed 28 years ago, I was the only producer in the region with a meagre 50 hectares. I was struggling to find buyers and people to believe in the potential of this resource and how it benefits our business, our communities and our oceans.

Today my farm expands over 500,000 hectares. In addition of starting on the coast, we have moved into the deep ocean where our farms expand on a yearly basis. Thanks to our farms we have helped regenerate the oceans, protect biodiversity and stabilize climate change. Our farms act as marine protected areas where overfishing is impossible and other polluting activities are forbidden.

From a community perspective, we have helped create wealth and get out of the dependence on mass tourism. Younger generations now have a reason to stay in these regions and use their knowledge and expertise to protect their homes and build a union between man and Nature.

From a business perspective, I stopped answering to all the emails from companies looking to buy my seaweed. Seaweed has now become the key strategic resource present all kind of applications:

Alternative food source to reduce meat consumption
Healthier cattle feed
Regenerative biostimulants for agriculture
Cleaner cosmetics
New pharmaceuticals drugs against cancer, alzheimer etc.
Bio degradable plastics
eco-friendly construction materials
Energy sources such as hydrogen and biofuels

The seaweed community has become a central stakeholder in global decision-making. Our implication in global challenges has led us to work with institutions, governments, banks and corporates to drive the world towards a more regenerative and inclusive model.

Antoine Erwes, Alan Abeberry, Valery Bollier


Reference: BM-PROP-2022-06-968
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