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Publication 2021-07-15 - 2022-12-15
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A participatory process is a sequence of participatory activities (e.g. first filling out a survey, then making proposals, discussing them in face-to-face or virtual meetings, and finally prioritizing them) with the aim of defining and making a decision on a specific topic.

Examples of participatory processes are: a process of electing committee members (where candidatures are first presented, then debated and finally a candidacy is chosen), participatory budgets (where proposals are made, valued economically and voted on with the money available), a strategic planning process, the collaborative drafting of a regulation or norm, the design of an urban space or the production of a public policy plan.

These stories were written on June 6, 2022, during the opening ceremony of the Waves of Change Forum, held this year in Biarritz.

The participants used the methodology of design fiction to imagine positive futures on climate and ecological transition.

Design Fiction is a speculative design practice that consists in exploring possible futures, it allows to materialize possible scenarios through stories or narratives.

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IArthur, l’avatar de mon responsable RH a enfin réussi à mettre en place un process de...
#No Woman no life
Official proposal
Saviez-vous qu’à l’époque de vos parents, il y avait un « plafond de verre » dans quasiment...
6th June 2050. I get out of the Port Authority Building, it was nice to see my colleagues at this...
Today we are all here Maybe because of fear? Maybe of hope, my dear? We want waves of change...
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Start date June 06, 2022
End date June 06, 2022
Reference: BM-PART-2022-06-41


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