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09/06/2022 09:15  

Today we are all here
Maybe because of fear?
Maybe of hope, my dear?

We want waves of change
Today we do a lot of exchange

To find a new solution
Against ocean pollution

Here is our story of hope
We will take you around the globe:

Today is the year twenty fifty
And things have been a bit drifty

We are on a boat together
To keep our planet healthy forever!

We arrived at an island so magical
Biodiversity we lost in previous years so tragical

But we understood the urgency to act
Preserve and manage to protect!

Climate change has been a bit worry
And back in 2022 we really had to hurry

We started to reduce waste each day
And it made a difference straight away

Single use plastics are a big threat
And inventing them brought a lot of regret

We started to change our behavior
And it was a real savior

Preventing the land from erosion
So to keep our beautiful ocean

Voted in new governments and politics
And that really brought in the tricks

We are so glad that things had changed
All thanks to meeting in groups and exchanged

And to the forum: Waves of change!

Ana Pinela - Daniel Guutschníg - Geraldine Le Roux - Harold Diaz - Nina Rossiter - Simon Erwan


Reference: BM-PROP-2022-06-967
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