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Letter to the President

09/06/2022 09:13  

Dear President,

I am glad to participate in the next forum of the Waves Of Change coalition, which will be held in Syria which is now a peaceful and green, totally restored country with forests and regenerative ecosystems (like forest and lakes, durable aquaculture ) ! This happens because in 2030 in Biarritz all the leaders worldwide agree that the world economy should stop being extractive so everyone agree that reducing natural resources is forbidden. Everytime you reduce the value of natural resources (by manufacturing or extracting them) you reduce the value of our common good , and the value of our money.
I will travel with our hydrogen submarine, so we will collect some data and metrics on marine ecosystems during this one-week travel. I will value that metrics ( I will input into the global mapping systems, gaining some ecosystem service tokens.
This year`s main topic is the issue of Lack of CO2 in the Atmosphere due to the fantastic effort of humanity in the last 30 years restoring ecosystems and using technologies to sequester carbon. Now a little problem arises: do the plants have enough CO2 to produce our food systems? Good issue indeed. I hope I have your approval to join this fantastic group of people in Syria this year.

Best regards,


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