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Naturolite - Do we really need a virus to understand ecosystems?

09/06/2022 09:07  

We are in june 6th 2050, the sun was up in the sky, Arbolite, a child living in Central America is walking to the beach to see his friend Mangrova, the spiritual guide of its village, for their weekly talk. Today, Arbolite is super excited because it is THE day when he will learn about the world BEFORE.

After ten minutes walk he sees her:
- Hi Mangrova, I am so happy to see you. It's today the day you tell me about BEFORE?
- Hi Arbolite, Slow down I am nearly 150 years old, I am getting old.
- Tell me Mangrova, how was the world BEFORE?
- Once upon a time, there was a war and a virus. It almost killed all life on Earth. Plants, animals, fishes, corals, humans, everyone was going into extinction. All of that because of the greediness of humans.
- What happened?
- Well… A lot… Temperature was rising, causing many bad effects on us, the living ecosystems. Plastic was covering the ocean. Humans were using fossil fuel as their primary resources, increasing CO2 and killing all species. - They were going to destroy everything. But something saved us.
- The virus?
- Yes, Naturolite appeared in 2023, just after COVID and the Ukraine war. - ---- Thanks to Naturolite, humans changed completely. They were able to communicate with all living beings, including me the Mangrove. But not only, by giving them the ability to photosynthesis, they understood that they were part of the ecosystem and needed us to survive. Following that they changed their mindset and created THE ECOALITION. For the first time we had a voice.
- What is the ECOALITION?
- It is a regroupment of humans from all etnies, countries and of vegetal and animal species. All the part of ecosystems are represented their to have a vote to find solutions against climate change
- Are you part of it?
- Yes I am! I am representing all the mangrove in South America. Talking about our needs and how we can all work together to find solutions.
- But Mangrova, isn’t climate change from the past?
- For now it is, we were able thanks to nature-based solutions, change of mindsets, and coalition, to stop it. But you know Arbolite, it is a work of everyday life. The fight is not over, and it will never end.
- But, did human really need to change to be able to understand ecosystems?

Caroline Deforeit, Salomé Mormentyn, Celine Kahn, Pierre Madiec, Benjamin Benfredj


Reference: BM-PROP-2022-06-963
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