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09/06/2022 09:05  

I woke up with the sun this morning as my blackout blinds auto are activated by the first rays of light. For breakfast, I reach outside and pluck a kiwifruit from the green garden wall of my passive building.

I cycle to school on my bio-fuel powered bike, powered by our household’s compost. As I ride, I look up at the green buildings, covered in plants and vertical farms, and the birds nesting in them. I’m excited for today’s classes on the regulations and legislation for the raw materials that can be used on new constructions in the region. By recent decree, all materials to be sourced must first be offered to local communities with each resident having a vote in how they are used. Only materials that are not needed locally can be traded, as the needs and wellbeing of the community is first priority.

Any excess building materials are collected and deposited in the mycelium forest, which is used to grow the base material for our city’s farm of 3D printers.

During the afternoon, I connect with my counterpart in our sister city in the other hemisphere, where we discuss our upcoming eco-trip and the community workshops we are co-creating. Once we get through the business matters, we take the time to chat on our daily lives - it’s an invaluable opportunity to understand his culture and day-to-day experience.

Jen, Ariane, Florian


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