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“It’s your turn, sweetheart”

09/06/2022 09:02  

6th June 2050. I get out of the Port Authority Building, it was nice to see my colleagues at this event. Most of them are already retired, just like me. It is nice to be 80 years old, and to be here with my granddaughter. The air is so fresh and clean! I remember the time where it wasn’t like this.

Fortunately we were able to change the mindset of our ecosystem and created a completely new way of doing things, and a positive impact in our environment.

“See, sweetheart, our team was able to improve things, to work day by day, making small changes and we realized, we’ve done a lot, step by step.

Let’s take a walk and I will show you the projects that started as an idea at our Living Lab and came true:”

11.000 workers from 240 companies in 2022, 6.000 workers in 2050
Green public transportation
Bikes and walking safe environment
Green trucks (efuels, hydrogen and electric)
Young generations are excited about working at Bilbao Port, because there are such amazing projects happening at the living labs, and the neighborhood is so beautiful!
More opened port, accessible to
Maritime University Campus (in the port)

Very sustainable, Renewable energy
Capture city waste and make biofuel
Converted oil refinery into efuel production
Offshore wind farm

A lot of regular lines of short sea shipping (with shorter lines), because there is only a few trucks on road
With weather data, we were able to adapt the routes, speed, engine power, so we have very regular timing on shipping, as the trains
Rivers as “water-roads” to bring cargo to the port link hinterland and ports
HyperLoop was just a dream, but now you can see how it became true.

Ekaitz Lopez, Nagore Ardanza, Julia Coppla, Killian Day


Reference: BM-PROP-2022-06-960
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