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Publication 2021-07-15 - 2022-12-15
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The Blind Fall aftermath

04/01/2022 14:38  

I open my eyes.

Another one of those days that begins in the sound of silence.

In the distance I can hear the sound of the aircrafts. A slight noise and typical noise that allows me to guess their dance in the sky.

Artificial intelligence coupled with the development of high-charge batteries has enabled the advent of these flying species.

Some are involved in the transport of goods while others transport the inhabitants of Pae Polis.

Pae means "horizon" in Maori, and Polis is the name of each new city created after « The Blind Fall ».

It is March 28th, 2055, I jut woke up and I don't know why but my first need is to write those few lines on what's going through my mind.

Fourteen years ago a major and unprecedented ecological disaster, called "The Blind Fall », struck the world as we knew it.

Since then, mentalities have slightly changed.. Ok let’s say a lot.

A return to basics has taken place, turned towards symbiosis, turned towards nature for a mutual benefit for Humanity and Gaia, the name approved by the Union to recognize fauna and flora as a living entity in its own right. Indivisible and untouchable.

Ecological decline has left traces. Scars from mudflow, lava flows, earthquakes... Volcanoes have left persistent clouds in the sky that block any ray of sunlight over entire geographical areas.

In those places, all form of life has disappeared.

Those devastated areas need to be rehabilitated.

To restore nature to its rightful place and preserve our own here.

This is the meaning of the Union that was created in the day after the cataclysm.

Some people speak of a rebirth, because a new meaning was given to humanity in the aftermath of "The Blind Fall".

And while there is so much to do, it seems that optimism runs through all the hearts I meet. The pride of being able to do something bigger again.

Progress replaced innovation. A big change has taken place and forgotten words are now on everyone's lips.

Wisdom is one of them. New heroes are being celebrated. I might be one of them.

My name is Joshua, I am a pioneer of the new world for Airbus.

Every day I help creating environments that are conducive to life in all its forms.


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