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Co-building a positive future 2021-10-25 - 2021-11-29
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A participatory process is a sequence of participatory activities (e.g. first filling out a survey, then making proposals, discussing them in face-to-face or virtual meetings, and finally prioritizing them) with the aim of defining and making a decision on a specific topic.

Examples of participatory processes are: a process of electing committee members (where candidatures are first presented, then debated and finally a candidacy is chosen), participatory budgets (where proposals are made, valued economically and voted on with the money available), a strategic planning process, the collaborative drafting of a regulation or norm, the design of an urban space or the production of a public policy plan.

Design Fiction is a speculative design practice that consists in exploring possible futures, it allows to materialize possible scenarios through stories or narratives.  

 Thanks to the expression of each person's imagination, Design Fiction proposes a new approach to innovation. Emerging scenarios are used, for example, to formulate long-term objectives used to define innovation strategies or to identify risks to be anticipated.  

In practice, design fiction can materialize in various creative forms: news, films, plays, visual arts, etc.  

The objective and rules of the game:

The objective here is to collectively imagine the inclusive organization of the future. To do this, you have only three instructions:

1) Adopt a positive prism

2) Tell your story in a free format: micro-story, tale, poem, slam, rap, dialogue, etc.

3) Begin your story with:

"It is September 13, 2041, you are starting your first day as a FC Schalke 04 Supporter, you are happy because..." (specify the transformation of the club in 20 years)

"It is September 13, 2041, you offer two memberships to the FC Schalke 04 Supporters Club to your 12-year-old daughter and granddaughter... " (describe their reactions)

"It is September 13, 2041, you are preparing a speech for the award of the best supporter Club FC Schalke 04, you tell what you have set up in the last ten years, the difficulties encountered ..."

"It is September 13, 2041, FC Schalke is preparing a day dedicated to fans around the world ..."

4) Add your fiction to the platform with an illustration

Our writing tips:

  • Choose a strong idea and go for it. 
  • Determine the mood, the atmosphere, the place of your dialogue.
  • Use short sentences.
  • The story can also be told by several people. Think about the dialogue!
  • Keep it simple, as if you were writing a message to a friend.
  • Don't focus on the punch line, the important thing is the journey, the story.
  • And take the time to proofread!

You can also check out the video of Catherine Dufour, two-time winner of the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire, who gives us some writing tips for writing a story.

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Vor zwei Jahren bin ich von München ins Ruhrgebiet gezogen und habe mich schon gut eingelebt....
Playing football with my retired colleagues
It’s 2030 and I’m leaving my house after my morning ritual is over. My app indicates that I still...
A nice title for the demo
Ausgangssituation. Auslösendes Ereignis. Veranstaltungen. Die Auflösung. Endgültige...
Developping my teams with the alumnis players from FC Schalke 04
Tomorrow, sport is part of your DNA, part of our everyday life. It is no longer a practice but a...
See all fictions (4)
Who participates Fans, Supporters
Scope International
Organization Area FC Schalke
Promoter group Club-Fan Dialogue
Start date October 20, 2021
End date December 31, 2021
Reference: BM-PART-2021-10-9


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